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Back To Reality is the new studio CD from the band Slaughter! This CD has twelve new ROCKIN' tracks! CD as you see on the left is due out NOW!!!! Don't miss out!! Samples of the songs: Killin'Time, Love Is Forever, and their new single Trailer Park Boogie can be hard at the Offical Slaughter Webpage located at htp://www.slaughterweb.com Check it out now!!! Review of this great album coming soon!!!

Me (Tiffany) and my big fat cat Boomer!
Here is a big ass picture of me and my cat Boomer. My little fat friend and I would like to welcome you to our Slaughter site:-) If you saw my old one then you probably see how different I look:-) Yep it's me:-) Let me tell you about myself.
My name is Tiffany Robbins, I'm 20, from Iowa, and single. What's that spot on my face you ask? Is it a giant mole? Hell no! LOL There must've been something on the scanner. I apologize for that:-) I'm a major Slaughter fan as you can tell. I've been listening to Slaughter probably since I was 11. I became a big fan when I bought Fear No Evil. I love that CD. My favorite Slaughter song is Mad About You. Cool video as well. I had the pleasure of meeting the guys on August 21st, 1998 when they played the Iowa State Fair on the Rock Never Stops Tour. These guys are the greatest. They made it so easy to talk to them, and they signed all my loads of stuff I bought:-) I was neverous before I got to meet them, but they really made me feel comfortable and they have a fan for life! Thank you Slaughter, and Jeff Colen for the pictures, and Mark, Dana, Blas, and Blando for signing all of my stuff. You guys are truly the greatest!
I will be seeing Slaughter again this year on July 23rd at Kansas! A review of the shows and pictures will be posted here!!!

Here are the members who make up the great band of Slaughter!

Dana Strum: Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Jeff Blando: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Blas Elias: Percussion, Backing Vocals

Mark Slaughter: Lead Vocals, Guitar

Favorite Links

Slaughter Meet and Greet Pictures
My meet and greet pictures taken August 21st, 1998.


Offical Slaughter Webpage
Run by the band members themselves! Great up to date info!! Tour dates, pics, personal member page for each band member, sounds, and much more!!!

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